Every child has the innate potential to excel at one or more areas of activity. It could be sports for one child, music for another, and Mathematics for some others.


How do we help our children discover their talents, interests and passions? In the limited time available for today’s busy school-going child, how do we fit in the classes and events related to these talents? If children need after-school learning (tuitions), how do we find the best tutors?

KidEngage is the discovery platform designed to help you navigate this key area of child development.

KidEngage is also an engagement platform for kids, parents, schools and educational service providers.

The mission for KidEngage is to create a single place online for all aspects of bringing up our kids in the best possible way.

We envisage schools using the platform to connect with parents, find service providers for various activities and events at school, and be able to hire teaching talent.

We envisage tutors and service providers finding customers online and also connect and collaborate with other service providers. Service providers could be sports coaches, publishers, educational consultants, music and dance teachers, event organizers, logistics providers, tour organizers and so on.

KidEngage wants to establish creative learning spaces where children explore their talents in a safe and visually inspiring environment. Our flag ship centre in Manikonda (Hyderabad) is getting ready, along with Activity Centres at multiple locations across the twin cities.

Come, engage with us, and together let us create the most effective edutainment and skill development experience for our children.