5 Books that will help kids to understand the “love-hate” sibling bond!

We all know that our parents shape our personalities, but psychologist Dorothy Rowe says, we often overlook how much our identity is influenced by our siblings. Sibling attachments may be warm and loving, but often they’re made up of equal parts of affection and irritation, even anger and rivalry. Sometimes we feel nothing but hatred, or resentment. Yet they have an enormous influence on whom we become. 

‘Raksha Bandhan’ is the perfect time to understand and learn more about this bond.

Here are 5 Books that KidEngage recommends that you read with your kids and discover the various facets of a sibling bond. A great way for everyone to confront their feelings and talk about them.

  1. Charlie and Lola booksimage_22130 The Quirky, naughty Lola, and the indulgent big brother Charlie, pampering her in a way only an older sibling can do.
  2. The Astronomer – 9789382454021 A great story by Rabindranath Tagore, depicting the tussle between two siblings, who can’t decide if the moon is near or far. Just about the sweetest book that reminds you of your own growing up days.
  3. My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards1299834.jpg All older siblings can relate wonderfully with the antics of the younger ones. An interesting aspect of this book is that the sisters are not named, kind of letting the child imagine herself and her sibling and relate to the story.
  4. Mallipoo, where are you117_cover.png A lovely Tulika book by Radhika Chadha, in the baby Bahadur series. This story is extra special, because along with the sibling revelry, it also tells about the bond of friendship.

For more books and titles, visit the KidEngage store.

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