8 Fun ideas to celebrate Independence Day with your kids !

As India proudly celebrates its 70th Independence Day, we suggest you ways to involve your kids in the fun-learn activities within your budget to enjoy the Independence Day Celebrations. They will learn more about their country and its rich culture and heritage.

  1. Go for a picnic – Take the kids for flag hoisting at the “tallest” Indian flag in the country at Tank Bund.india-politics-state-telangana-anniversary_18a11f1e-28a8-11e6-8f5f-7ac8be343499
  2. Then drive your way to a historical monument in the city  like Golconda Fort with your kids. Our city has many places of historic importance which will help us to tell the kids about the history and the rich cultural heritage of our country.golconda-fort
  3. Theme based party – Organize a tri colour theme party. Click to see the detailed instructions here on how to throw an awesome one.
  4. Watch a patriotic movie – Almost all entertainment channels show a patriotic movie on Independence Day. You can watch it with your family or friends and make kids learn about the freedom struggle.
  5. Organize a Quiz competition – Invite your child’s friends and make teams for a quiz competition. Put up questions related to India. Give away simple prizes to keep the kids motivated and encourage enthusiastic participation.
  6. Fancy Dress for Kids –  Kids can dress up as their favorite freedom fighter and flaunt their looks. They  can also speak a line or two about the legend and learn more about them.
  7. Read aloud – Pick a story book on India’s Culture and heritage or borrow a patriotic book of your choice and read it together with your kid to impart knowledge about the British Rule and Freedom fight of India. Click to read the KidEngage book recommendation.
  8. Plant a Tree  and Charity drive– Go green and plant a sapling with kids in and around your residence. It is a need of the hour to grow more trees and make earth a healthy place to live. You can also join hands with any social organization or a NGO and initiate a donation drive like clothes, food for kids, or blood donation camp for the needy and involve your kids in distribution of small flags or food to the people around.

Enjoy the Independence Day celebrations with your kids while making them aware of our rich culture and history with these fun ideas.

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