Friendship Day DIY Hack- A fun organizer for your Best Bud!!

1 Two different colours ivory sheets

2 glue

3 some posted notes(optional)


1 Take an ivory sheet and cut in a rectangle shape.

2 Cut the ivory sheet in such a way that you can fold it in 3 equal parts.


3 Then take one another sheet and cut it in half size of the ivory sheet.

4 Make a shape of a rectangle and then it the corner from one side.
5 Paste the corners of sheet on the first half part inside the ivory sheet which you have folded in 3 equal parts.


6 Now take two paper strips,cut the size of the pencil or scale width

7 Now paste it in the last rectangle part of the ivory sheet and


8 Paste the strips in the top and bottom of the ivory sheet according to the size of the pencil or scale.

9 At last you can decorate the cover page in your own way.


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