9 Ways to turn your child’s hyperactivity to productivity – Expert tips by Dr. Amulya Mysore 

Coping with a hyperactive child can be tough. A hyperactive child can seem unstable, bouncing from activity to activity with seemingly limitless energy. He or she may appear to have difficulty listening or following directions. He may perform poorly in school, getting less than acceptable grades and demonstrating behavioral problems. While there is no right answer to handling a hyperactive child, the following tips by Dr. Amulya Mysore can make coping with a hyperactive child a bit easier.

Dr Amulya Mysore is the Paediatrician and Specialist in Child Development at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Secunderabad. Loves crafting with her daughter, and believes strongly in the holistic development of children.

Read below for her expert tips:

My child is hyperactive, how do I deal with it?

Dr. Amulya:  1. Start by explaining the inappropriateness of his/her behavior and encourage good behavior by praise.

2. Let them be exposed to small groups initially. In this way they will have better control and less distraction, and can finish simple tasks.

3. Your child may be disorganized, so help him/her in arranging his books, notes.

4. For study, designate a study area. Make him/her study there to prevent getting him/her distracted. Switch off lights in room and use a table lamp.

5. Do not give too many instructions at once. Let him/her finish one assignment before going to the next one.

6. They might forget to copy homework, so have a close rapport with the teacher so as to gain more information.

7. Try with auditory and visual inputs simultaneously, since children grasp them better.

8. Identify strengths of the child and praise him/her in public.

9. Be realistic about expectations from the child and ignore minor incidents.

Helping With Home Work
1.If shorter assignments are given, your child will have better chance of success.

2. Assignments can be presented in the form of small units and give immediate feedback.

3. He/she should preferably be allowed to sit in front rows of class, which will help the teacher reinforce things from time to time.

4. The teacher can put a child with peer helpers who can assist him/her with class work.

5. Divide the assignment into specific time slots and help him/her accomplish the task step by step, which will allow the child to remain focussed and motivated.

To read more of parenting advice from Dr. Amulya, you can also visit her website: www.gibo.in

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