KidEngage DIY Hacks -Floral collage for Mum & Dad!

Do your children love to make and give homemade presents?  If so, they’re going to love making this one for their Mum & Dad!

1 Semi thick paper (ivory sheet in light color)
2 one A4 size cardboard
3 glue
4 photograph of parents
5 sketch pens


  1. Take one cardboard. Cut it in rectangle shape.
  2. Take one ivory sheet of any light color. Give the shape of cardboard.
  3. Now stick the ivory sheet on the cardboard with the help of glue.
  4. After that take some bright  color paper to make a design of pot and flower
  5. You can make any shape of flower like heart shape or round paper of all sizes.
  6. Now stick the combination of cuts outs to make a flower then cut a rectangular shape to make the bottom of the flower.
  7. Stick the rectangular paper cut like a pot in the bottom. Paste all the flower with the long stem in the pot(rectangular shape).
  8. While sticking the flowers you can design it in your own way.

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