9 Reasons why Parent-Toddler sessions are the best!

All moms will agree with me when I say that we want to spend all our time with our child and never part with her even for a split second.However, it is unfortunate that kitchen, household chores, work life and other responsibilities don’t allow us to do that.

I’m also sure that if you could really peep into your toddler’s or preschooler’s heart, even he wouldn’t want to part with you even for a moment.

All we want in such a case is a setup where we get the right environment to play with our child, spend time with her and also see her grow and learn at the same time.

This is what exactly a mother-child program is all about. These programs are extremely helpful if your child is in the age group of 12-30 months. Let’s see how:

  1. Mother-child programs give you the best opportunity to spend time with your child (which is actually getting increasingly difficult in today’s lifestyle)
  2. It is also a great opportunity to know your child better. You get to know her nature,likes, dislikes, reactions, responses and also her compatibility with people other than that of the family.
  3. Your presence around your child, while he learns new concepts, makes your child very comfortable and more open to learning up new things, which in turn accelerates his development. 
  4. You don’t really need to worry about your child being too young while enrolling your child into one of these programs. As, you would accompany her all the time and there won’t be a tear in her eyes while leaving the house.
  5. Your child would not be apprehensive of attending a playschool or school later in life as he will be better prepared for what’s coming next to him.
  6. You get to know your child’s shortcomings while being with him at these programs and can work on them after you come back home and make efforts at a personal level to help your child develop faster and improve as well.
  7. Staying around your child and other kids gives you a chance to know other kids and make a healthy and positive comparison between your kid and others.
  8. Not only your child, but also you as a mother, meet other ladies at the mother-child program and get to make new friends who are travelling in the same boat as yours.
  9. By spending more time with your child through these programs, your child tends to develop  a stronger bond with you, given his tender age. This strong bond between the two of you helps your relationship grow and be great for a lifetime.

Do you agree? Comment below to share your views or mail us at contact@kidengage.com


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