DIY Craft Hacks

This week’s craft hack is Sonali Kulkarni’s idea- Sonali is a crafter by passion, who has converted that into her profession. She joined the energetic KidEngage team in February 2016. She takes care of the kids’ interests with a ‘hard to miss’ infectious smile during the various workshops while encouraging them to read and learn.

Let’s craft a felt pouch for your mobile and carry your phone in some artsy style. P.S: Kids can also make and gift it to their parents or teachers! Read on for all the instructions.

Felt Mobile PouchRequired Material

1 Felt Sheets (A4 size)- 2

2 Wool- 1 bunch

3 Needle- 1

4 Big button- 1


1 Take a A4 size Felt sheet



2 Fold in a half and cut the portion of 1/4 of felt sheet.                   

3 Sew the pouch with blanket stitch
4.Blanket Stitch: 

a)Bring the needle from the back of the fabric through to the front



b) Push the needle back into the fabric
c) The needle and thread will now be at the back of your fabric. There should be a loop at the front.


d) Bring the needle up and thread it under and through your loop.


e) Push the needle back through to the back of the fabric . Make a loop again and thread your needle under and through your loop.


f) Continue along until you reach the end of the fabric.

4 Make flowers with other felt sheet


5 And stitch it with button on front side of the pouch.
If you have a craft idea to share with us, mail it to and wr will publish it on our website.




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