Life Skills That You Must Teach Your Child Before They Enter Teen Age

Whether we openly admit it or not, whether we talk about it to others or not, we all know that somewhere deep down our hearts, we want our kids to grow up into well-rounded individuals, who are matured, responsible, independent and well-equipped to deal with their own life.

If you are one of those parents who want to see your child to grow up into what I just mentioned above, then all you need to work on is: Life Skills.

Teaching essential life skills to your child at an early and young age can make your kid more equipped and prepared to take on life all by his own no matter how young or old he becomes. Let’s take a look at the essential life skills that your child should know before they enter teen age.

Age: 2-4 Years

  • Dressing and undressing self (with minimal help)
  • Basic level of swimming
  • Putting back toys in place after play
  • Sitting quietly in a temple, church, hospital or theatre
  • Zipping up pants or bags and buttoning and unbuttoning their shirt
  • Washing hands with a hand wash liquid
  • Combing hair neatly
  •  Washing face, hands and feet (without being prompted) on coming home from outdoor places

Age: 5-7 Years

  • Feeding the pets
  • Watering plants in the garden
  • Mopping the bathroom floor after use
  • Knowing the numbers of police, ambulance and fire brigade and knowing when to use them
  • Riding a bicycle without supports
  • Dusting shelves, objects, toys etc.
  • Tying shoe laces
  • Washing at least their own dish and cup
  • Pour liquids like milk or water into a cup, without spilling
  • Bathing by them self
  • Using a broom
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Attending phone calls and taking down messages on someone else’s behalf
  •  Basics of cooking and using kitchen equipment, vessels etc.
  • Music or dancing lessons

Age: 8-10 years

  • Folding clothes neatly
  • Folding own bed cover after getting up in the morning
  • Prepare tea or their own milk
  • Buy grocery items from a shop
  • Able to pay money, take back exact change by calculating correctly
  • Peeling hard vegetables like potato etc. with a peeler
  • Clean the bathroom (sink, toilet, floor tiles etc.)
  • Bake a cake by following instructions on the cake mix pack
  • Basics of sewing or stitching
  • Prepare instant noodles by following instructions
  • Using knives and scissors without hurting self
  • Operating a washing machine (or knowing at least the basics of what works how)
  • Trimming own finger and toe nails regularly
  • Knowing basics of nutrition and good food habits

Age: 11-12 years

  • Washing own cycle
  • Washing a car
  • Knowing how to replace a fuse
  • Using a digital camera and understanding its basic operations
  • Opening and operating a bank account
  • Knowing the basics of online transactions and how online frauds happen
  • Volunteering at any public place
  • Serving water and food to guests at home
  • Keyboard typing
  • Spending and saving money
  • Donating clothes, books, food, money etc.
  • Basics of first aid

These are the topmost essential life skills that your child should know before he or she enters teen age. There are many more that can be added to this list and we shall be happy to know them from you in the comments section below.

Also, life skills mentioned under a particular age category need not be taught in that particular age only. They can be taught earlier to your child if you feel your child is ready for it. Do keep in mind, that some life skills take days, some weeks, some months and some take even years to be mastered. Do not pressurize or force your child to master a skill, but encourage and support her to do better every day and let her take these up according to her comfort.

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