Recoiling the Routine

As the alarm snoozed for the third time, I hurried into the bedroom to wake up my son. After a long holiday, the day has finally come. Pack up time for the long summer break. Those lazy sleeping hours came to a standstill. The memory of that exciting family trip is fading away. It’s time to transition back to school. A new class, unfamiliar syllabus and books, colorful stationary kits and flashy lunch boxes escort my son on the first day of his school, to keep him motivated.

If it’s too hard to say bye-bye to the summer holidays, here is my 1-2-3 guide to help you get set go…

  1. Tiffin box Toil.I am sure every mother has to go through Tiffin box tiffs at some point. There is always a morning war as to what goes into the tiffin! Be it Parathas, sandwiches or noodles or any other snack, keeping the weekly meal plan handy always makes things easy. While you are out on grocery hunt, keep in my mind the menu of the week that goes into the tiffin and make your purchases accordingly. My fussy eater needs variety and I am always on my toes to ensure the variety is in the form of healthy balanced diet. It is important to pay attention to his food habits so that he is charged up for the school and after school activities.

2.Uniform, bags, books and more. Prepare a checklist of the stuff required for the school.  I go shopping with my little one and buy stuff of his choice. Getting colorful stationary, favorite character lunch sets and stylish school bags definitely keeps the nervousness off the pace and motivates my child to go to the school. If not anything, kids like to show off their stuff among friends. They catch up with old friends and do not forget to discuss all the exciting things they did and new places they saw.

3. Classroom Chaos. It is always a good practice to lay the groundwork before your child enters his new class. Being an introvert kid, I am worried about my son getting bullied. While dropping him off the car, I do not forget to catch up with his new classmates and stop by for a quick tête-à-tête with his new teacher. This way I come to know about his progress and behavior in the class, keeping him away from any conflict and loneliness.

It is quite common to feel anxious as a mother, I thought. Just like any mom, mixed feelings seeped in my mind. While I am happy that my son is growing and moving up the ladder, I am nervous about the intensified curriculum, extracurricular activities, sports routine and homework.  The education system in India is so demanding at times. My little one is worn out after the day’s toil. Still, I am content with his progress… Are you??



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