The extracurricular variety -the spice in your child’s routine


How would your life be if you had to eat only salads for breakfast, salads for lunch and salads for dinner every day? Okay, let me make it better – you could have a fruit salad for breakfast, an egg salad for lunch and a spinach-carrot salad for dinner!


I’m sure you’d say that you’ll be fine with this setting because salads are super healthy for us and after all who’s repeating the menu! But, I’m also certain that you’d immediately suggest me to change the menu at least twice a week and give you ice creams or cakes also!

Just take those salads to be your kids academics and studies. That is something your child has to do every day and the menu keeps changing, that is, he has different subjects to learn everyday.

But, won’t he like it if you give him a change of menu by serving him some extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities are to your child what those ice creams or cakes would mean to you! They add extra taste to your child’s otherwise monotonous life and also channelize your kids’ energy in a positive direction. Read on to know why and how extracurricular activities help in the overall development of your child.

  1. Learning New Skills:Taking up any extracurricular activity like photography or drama helps your child develop a new skill.   This adds to his development and to his personality enhancement as well. This becomes an asset for life and can be used by him in any point of his life.
  2. Social development: Learning a new skill or taking up any extracurricular activity can not always be possible from home. So, obviously, your child will have to step out of the comfort zone of your house which will be a trigger in developing her social skills and enhancing her confidence.   This also gives her a chance to learn other values like teamwork, sharing, presenting ideas, speaking up for oneself, awaiting one’s turn etc. – which she won’t be able to learn otherwise at home.
  3. Emotional Development: Extracurricular activities will give your child the taste of healthy competition (yes, competition does get bad at school). Losing in a singing competition or craft competition will not hurt him much, but will teach him to be a sport instead!    Kids also learn to sympathize, empathize and handle situations of stress as they meet other kids at the extracurricular classes.
  4. Physical Development: Sitting in the classroom whole day, tires a child’s body and mind leaving her with very less scope to enhance her physical skills and abilities.    aking her participate in extracurricular activities gives her the boost to work out her muscles, sweat out at the field, build stamina and strength and make fitness and agility a part of her daily life.
  5. Cognitive Development: You might not realize but your child might be learning important life skills at the poetry club,  quilling class or even at the jewelry making workshop! She could sharpen her memory at the French speaking class or learn tips for survival at the mountaineering club! Any and every extracurricular activity boosts your child cognitive development truly.

All you need to do is, observe your child’s interests and skills and enroll her today in any club, class or workshop of her choicest extracurricular activity and see her grow up into a well-rounded individual ready to give back a lot to the society and to you as well.



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