Color, color everywhere – How to make the paper plate flower craft

The third winner chosen by our team was Shreya with her very colourful crafting entry – Holi themed flowers.

Supplies needed:

1. Paper plate

2. Paper bowl

3. Various oil based acrylic colours or water colours

4. Embellishments like pom-poms, acrylic stone embellishments

5. Glue

6. Ice cream stick

7. Paper strip


1. Paint the bowl and plate with colours of your choice.


 2. Let them dry for an hour.


 3. Cut the plate and bowl to form a flower-like shape.


 4. Embellish the flower using pom-poms, acrylic stone embellishments and glue.


 5. Paste the ice-cream stick on the back of the plate.


 6. Attach a paper strip with glue on one of the petals and write your message.


 All the crafts present various learning opportunities for the kids:

1. Fine motor skills

2. Painting skills

3. Hand eye co-ordination

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