Raising creative children

This morning, I saw this NY Times article on my timeline, which dealt at length about raising a creative child.

Apparently, according to several studies, very few child prodigies end up achieving their full potential, whether in Science or in the Arts or Sports. They become very good at what they do, but do not create something original.

It is very rare to find a child genius, but every child is special in some way or the other. In other words, all children are creative.

So, what is the best way to nurture their creativity? How to strike a balance between teaching children the key moral values and discipline, and also allow them to question, to experiment, and unleash their imagination. What is a good approach to make them know that mistakes are fine, but hurting some one (including self) is not a good idea?

These are the kind of questions that we know every parent asks themselves. At KidEngage, we feel that after school activities that are carefully designed to enable all round development will help a lot in achieving this balance.

However, the parents should not force a particular activity on the child. Your little one deserves to try different types of activities, before figuring out what they enjoy most.

In these blog posts, we will cover various aspects of enabling holistic development of children. Our kids deserve the best possible growing up experience. The more they enjoy their childhood, and get exposed to different arts, sports and creative pursuits, the more well rounded they become – giving them the  best chance of a happy adulthood as well.

Please share your thoughts.

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